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Day One: I just woke up in this weird room, I have my phone though, and it's fully charged, for some reason it isn't losing battery, so for now I guess I can try to get out if here, if anyone has any idea how to get out of here, please tell me, I'm willing to try anything...

Day Two: So... I decided to check the vent, and there was a button in there, I went to press it and, some weird blob came out... It chased me, but then it fell through a vent, and then I got to press the button, and, for some reason it opened the door! Im leaving now, wish me luck...

Day ???: I have been looking around here for a while, I've seen a lot of goop monster things, they kinda look like animals... Should I be scared of these????? One did try to chase me, I've also seen a lot of random things around here like blue shorts and a warm cup of coffee, not touching any of it, though, I found a charger and there are a lot of outlets around here, so I'm not running out of battery anytime soon, I'll update when I find something, or if something happens

Day ???: I have found a friendly one of the... Kind of... Latex things? I'll call them latexes, it calls itself Bluejay, not much else, hoping it isn't secretly hostile, coming up on a crystal room, wish me luck!

So today I had a good adventure and I got some food and a bag to keep my stuff in, I should write here more often but theres not much to write about, I've been trecking these hallways for a while and some puzzels and hostile latex have been seen, I've also seen photo sets of what happens when the things touch you, I don't wanna be one of those, I don't think I even get to keep my mind... I got through the crystal area, lots of latex and shiny things, I saw what happens when you touch them though... I also found this cool mask! I think its really cool, so I'm trying to find an area where I'm safe and can out it on, if you know anything about this place or these things, please tell me! I'll need help!