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The Teal Fox: Solomon's Backstory

Jude: Solomon, You've heard of this place?

Solomon: Yeah...

Jude: There's latex everywhere, Just don't become a furry... or you might lose your memory

*One of the gas tanks release a teal gas*

Jude: *Puts on gas mask* Solomon! Run!! *Sprints away*

*Solomon begins to run but the teal gas hits him and he collapses*

Jude: Solomon!!

*Solomon begins to transform*

Jude: Oh... Hell no... S-Solomon...? Solomon can you hear me...?

Solomon: *Groans*

Jude: Get out of there!

Solomon: J-Jude? what happened?

Jude: Y- You got furred...

Solomon: *Looks at himself* W-wha...? What happened to me...?! *Starts to freak out*

Jude: Don't panic, Young brother.. Let me see

Solomon: No! Y-You'll become me!

Jude: *Surprised from what he discovered* Solomon.. You're... a fox, a Teal Fox!

Solomon: I don't want to infect you! I can't believe this happened to me...

Jude: *Takes off mask* Don't worry, You're my brother. We can't split up

*He hugs him and Solomon begins whimpering*

Jude: *Realizes he didn't get infected* I'm not infected?

Solomon: That's probably the brotherly love!

Jude: Yeah! That could be it! or I'm probably immune... C'mon bro, let's get out of this place

Now this is Solomon, (Jude will be made, with his own story)

Solomon: Okay...

The end