Tiger-shark like the name implies, is a humanoid combination between a shark and a tiger which appears in the game Changed as a boss-type enemy.

Apperance Edit

Tiger-shark is a tall, thin latex creature with a grey body, long shark tail, white hair and underbelly. He has a pair of blue eyes. He has a pair of cat ears on his head and has black stripes all over his body.

Biography Edit

At first he appears when the player restarts the generator. He sends a few sharks to stop you from escaping. Later he is seen with the squid dog's boss fight during which he is held by the squid dog with its tentacles. After the battle, the squid dog dissapears into the water, with the tiger shark's fate afterwards unknown.

Personality Edit

Though he only appears twice, he appears to be a lonely latex monster, as he only attacks and (if he suceeds) transfurs the human to have someone to play with, as seen in a picture afterwards. He is also willing to do anything to do this, as he sends literal hordes of regular sharks to attack you. However, he obviously isn't the strongest creature in the lab, as he is seen in the tentacles of the Squid Dog afterwards, showing that he can be overpowered by others (though it might have taken him by surprise, explaining why exactly he has a rather saddened/embarassed look on his face in battle with the squid dog).

Trivia Edit

- The Tiger Shark's fin doesn't travel at a constant pace, however, more of short bursts of speed before slowing down slightly, then regaining that short burst of speed. (Even if it is still just slightly slower than the player)