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The Tiger-Shark, like the name implies, is a humanoid combination between a shark and a tiger that appears in the water area of Changed as a boss-type enemy.


The Tiger Shark is a tall, thin latex creature with a grey body, long shark tail, white hair, and a white underbelly. He has a pair of blue eyes, and what looks like a pair of cat ears on his head and has black stripes all over his body.


He first appears when Colin restarts the generator. He sends a few sharks to stop him from escaping. Later on, he is seen during the Squid Dog's boss fight, being held by the aquatic canine with its tentacles. After the battle, the squid dog disappears into the water, with the tiger shark's fate afterward left unknown.


Though he only appears twice, there is enough visual evidence to say he is a lonely latex monster, as he only attacks and (if he succeeds) transfurs Colin to have someone to play with, as seen in the aftermath. He is also willing to do anything to do this, as he sends literal hordes of regular sharks to attack him. However, he obviously isn't the strongest creature in the lab, as he is seen in the tentacles of the Squid Dog afterward showing that he can be overpowered by others (though it might have taken him by surprise, explaining why exactly he has a rather saddened/embarrassed look on his face in battle with the squid dog).


The Tiger Shark can be a challenge on low-end computers due to the amount of entities that spawn and the lag that they cause. He has three waves of attacks where he summons lines of shark to swoop the pool from both sides, spawning one additional shark in the pool for you to dodge. (These do not home in on you and just roam, but you will still get transfured if you collide)

After the third swoop, the two sharks blocking the exit leave their positions to join in on the party, allowing you to escape.

He is easy to kite from the center to one of the bottom corners on the first wave, then later you will have to adjust the kiting pattern when sharks join in the pool.


  • The Tiger Shark's fin doesn't travel at a constant pace, however, more of short bursts of speed before slowing down slightly, then regaining that short burst of speed. (Even if it is still just slightly slower than the player.)
  • After its battle, staying in the room by the door instead of leaving will result in a transfur, in which a minor latex shark flies at Colin. It is possible that the Tiger Shark had picked it up and lobbed the entire shark at him.
  • It is possible to completely skip the Tiger Shark by managing to slip by the shark blocking the exit. It is doable, and has been utilized by some speedrunners.