Human(Colin/Lin) is the only playable protagonist of Changed. He has brown hair, blue eyes, white skin and he is only seen wearing a pair of shorts in the entire game. In the true ending he becomes a white, blue-eyed humanoid wolf/fox creature so he can rid himself of the virus.


At the beginning of the game he wakes up in a room he does not recognize. He instantly gets worried about where he is and doesn't recognize anything around him, though he did remember he was kidnapped. When he tries to leave he encounters many mysterious blobs that want to take over his body. After a while he comes across mysterious dark latex creatures, to which he needs to sneak by when the lights go out. Eventually he finds a cave like area with a mysterious dark latex dragon-like being. After the chase she eventually spares him. When he goes through a room with dark latex creatures, he passes out, though he does wake up by a tree soon after.

After avoiding another bunch of mysterious beings he eventually meets a dark latex monster, who does not attack him, and instead introduces himself as Puro. He asks him for the 8-digit code for the door where he was earlier ambushed by a female green-eyed snow leopard. He obtains the code and goes further, eventually getting into the vents, where at first gets ambushed, and later chased by two different snow leopards, along the way talking to Puro in his "home".


  • His name was found at medal level 5 of Changed booster pack as "Colin".
  • No matter what ending you obtain, it's impossible to get outside/stay in the lab and not get a side effect in the process (you either get transfurred, succumb to the infection, or lose your bond with Puro in some way).