Dark Latex creatures Edit

Dark Latex creatures, like the name implies are a species of Latex creatures which appear in Changed the game.

Apperance Edit

These creatures appear different from each other. Males have a diffrent body, females have a different mask, and cubs resemble small dogs. There are also dragon like ones, cubs and adults, which have wings and the inside of their ears have black coloring. Puro and Dark Latex dragon also belong to their species. They do have some similar traits, such as white masks, black bodies and white glowing eyes.

Behavior Edit

Most of these creatures are hostile, as regular cubs won't attack you(instead they will cause others to attack you), but dragon-like ones will attack you. Males are the only ones which won't absorb you, and instead they'll turn you into one of them. All of them (apart from Puro) listen to the dark latex dragon (presumably their leader), since none of them attack you after you survive dark latex dragons room. The dragon-like cubs seem to be rather playful (even the human notices that), while the regular ones try their best to help others out.