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Octo96 Octo96 29 March


2015 Adidas Yeezy Boost 360 B)

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Blueyoshispeople Blueyoshispeople 28 March

ideas for find the axolotls


Axolotl (spawn), the Tutorial axolotl (tutorial), bag axolotl (crossover with a friend), Shopkeeper Axolotl, _______ the Axolotl * (gotten by subbing to my YT channel, yes ik how to script that), Mutant Axolotl (difficult one, found by pressing buttons around the map), Shy axolotl (runs away when you try to get it), Mario axolotl (inspiration of a certain meme.) Pet axolotl (bought from the pet store), Wiki axolotl (code on my bio) the Attic axolotl (trapped in an attic), and sus axolotl (second hardest to get so far, first being Mutant axolotl, IDK how to get this one yet)





The Arena


Mount Axolotl

The Crystal Gallery



Deep Space

The Hallow (terraria reference lol)





The Depths


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Orhpioic Orhpioic 19 March

current bg music

this is the current bg music

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Tonsobchok13 Tonsobchok13 22 November 2021

little man

he is small and

FNF VS Little Man 2 ONLINE (Friday Night Funkin') is a must-play FNF mod that expands on the story of Little Man, a memorable character who made his first appearance in FNF VS Bob 2.0.

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The Sacred Text The Sacred Text 28 October 2021

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

Rain. It almost always rains on Florinia, the small moon which orbited somewhat a little too close to Kamino. Who cares, any place that you can breathe, prosper, grow food, and make money is good enough. At least, that's what Dash Zamer thought. He had been on the rock for 3 weeks, to refuel and fix his ship, the North Star, a YT-2400 light freighter, he had, shall I say, received. After dealing with some personal business, he named it because when things didn't work in navigating where to go, he let it guide him. With the help of the Force that is. The Force, Dash cursed it, he has lost many things to it, his parents for harboarding his Jedi brother, who he also lost, now all he had left was, well nothing, except what was left of his brothe…

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Adamisthebomb Adamisthebomb 25 October 2021

Alan's Logs

Log01: Hello. I am Alan G. Christoph and I am a worker in this new tower that is researching how to make a cure for the new Pale Virus pandemic.

Log02: H-hi. I have just got my very own office! Right now we have started working on some 'latex' and not very many people here like me...

Log03: Hel- What are you doing here, kid?! I-I work here... WELL YOU SHOULDN'T BE HERE! YOU'RE AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY!

Log04: I'm getting somewhere...I extracted some chemicals and added them to some regular latex and they turned a dark gray!

Log05: Greetings! I and a fellow scientist, Dr. K, have decided to work on some things together! (He seems to be the nicest one here!)

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UwUgen UwUgen 21 October 2021

The Facility, A Humans Adventure In The World Of Latex

Day One: I just woke up in this weird room, I have my phone though, and it's fully charged, for some reason it isn't losing battery, so for now I guess I can try to get out if here, if anyone has any idea how to get out of here, please tell me, I'm willing to try anything...

Day Two: So... I decided to check the vent, and there was a button in there, I went to press it and, some weird blob came out... It chased me, but then it fell through a vent, and then I got to press the button, and, for some reason it opened the door! Im leaving now, wish me luck...

Day ???: I have been looking around here for a while, I've seen a lot of goop monster things, they kinda look like animals... Should I be scared of these????? One did try to chase me, I've als…

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CaptainAMPBlast CaptainAMPBlast 24 July 2021

The Teal Fox

Jude: Solomon, You've heard of this place?

Solomon: Yeah...

Jude: There's latex everywhere, Just don't become a furry... or you might lose your memory

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Netosilvagames Netosilvagames 1 July 2021

Discord Changed Fandom Server sucks

Like, the moderation is really strict and unfair, and majority of the members are toxic as well, it really sucks, if you want to just not have a bad time, do not, join, it.

it sucks.

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Thefaker480 Thefaker480 5 June 2021

Do I try this?

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SongwingSongs SongwingSongs 20 March 2021


Worship the bananas,for they are best food.We must throw every other fruit or vegetable off a boat.


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Luzdahooman Luzdahooman 8 March 2021

chillin with mah homies

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PinkWyvernDays PinkWyvernDays 18 November 2020


Latex is wack

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